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Milton.  I Live Here, I Work Here...
September 19th, 2019 
Katherine Barnett

Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage

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Fall in Love With Autumn Decor
Friday, 05 October 2018, 02:01:36 PM

Fall is a season filled with apple-picking, tailgating, and the beloved pumpkin spice. 

Bring the fall excitement into your space with these quick and easy fall decor tips!


Feeling that familiar chill in the air? Your plants feel it too, and that means it’s time to bring in the houseplants, succulents, and tropicals. Make sure they’re placed in an inside space that gets good lighting and repot if needed!

Give your houseplants a chic Autumn upgrade with these faux pumpkin planters. They’ll look simply stunning on your patio or your coffee table or anywhere else you put them! (via Be Purposed - DIY PUMPKIN PLANTERS)

This can also be your opportunity to experiment with your green thumb and plant some new cold-tolerant flowers (violas, petunias, violets, and alyssum) that continue to bloom through frosts. Fall is also a great time to plant certain veggies (fast-growing radishes and peas, leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, spinach, and collards).


This spot in your home can be the easiest to bring in the Fall vibes. No need to overthink here, because even a few thoughtful decorations go a long way! 

Consider sticking to neutral tones for table runners and place settings to keep your space open and airy during busy game day buffets or family parties. Small pumpkins, gourds, your favorite fall candle, and some flowers can be your creative yet affordable go-to decorations. 

Source: Farmhouse Fall Tablescape


There are so many opportunities to ramp up this gathering space with fall-festive items. If you have a fireplace, mantle, or any free shelf space, drape some leafy garlands and tiny lights to set the tone. 


It’s time to bring out the cozy fur and wool blankets to keep you and your guests comfy, and nothing says fall like plaid throw pillows. Window wreaths are also a great way to accent doors or bare walls.




Your kitchen is not only where you’ll potentially be baking apple pies and Thanksgiving turkey, but it’s also home to copper mugs and a pop of pumpkins! Don’t go overboard here, as we’re sure you’ll need the extra counter space this season.

📌 Need more Pinspiration?

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Best vs Worst Home Upgrades for R.O.I.
Monday, 01 October 2018, 10:55:51 AM

Best vs. Worst Home Upgrades for ROI

Ready for Primetime

Dress for success! A common saying that shouldn't be limited to only people. How can we make those upgrades to make our home sale a successful one? This is a  question that most of my sellers ask right off the bat.  That is why I wrote this blog that goes over the worth-it/forget-it  upgrades for R.O.I. the sellers need to know before they sell their home so you can avoid that wasting cash on things.


Worth-It 👍

Front Door

Curb appeal importance is your home's first impression. After all, people judge a book by its cover! Getting a modest new front door that matches the home's overall character is where you want to go here. (You clearly don't want to have to change several other parts on the exterior of the house just to match the new front door!)

Be aware that a major facelift of the entire front porch is going to break the bank here!

Kitchen & Bathroom

Modest one!  Picking out the latest Stainless steel appliances or Smart Fridge will not get you 100 cents on the dollar.  We are talking about ROI here. Do a minor remodel when your kitchen needs a cosmetic update and not a drastically different floor plan.

Fresh Coat of Paint (Inside and Out!)

Let's think from beginning for a second. When your house is advertised online via social media etc. you need to attract the most number of people which would drive up the demand for the property. The quick to judge consumer wants a hassle free, move-in ready experience when moving into a new house. Fresh paint looks very appealing and is one less thing for the new homeowner to take care of. It is also cost effective!

Repair Outdoor Space

A power wash to any outdoor space is worth its weight in gold. From there, may sure to pull some weeds, fill up holes, cracks. Also, replacing broken bricks or sealing cracks is your finishing touch.  This one requires a bit of sweat equity!


Forget-It 🚫


Wall to Wall Carpeting 

Averaging roughly $4.50 per square foot wall-to-wall carpeting isn't a cheaper solution for someone who wants to make their home pop for their 1st open house. The budget-conscious solution is to hire a professional cleaner to steam-clean the carpets to give it that new look at a fraction of the cost to replace it!


Customizing Too Much

There is a reason they call it customizing! It meets the specific taste of a specific few. What’s more, the price tag reflects that it was made uniquely for you. If we have ROI in mind, this is one area to steer clear of.

💡Pro-Tip: Think functionality here. Will that handcrafted bookshelves appeal to 90% prospective homebuyers? Play Devil's Advocate here when asking what "you" like vs. what most people "need" in a home.

Fancy Upgrades 

Ever go into a boutique clothing store and get sticker shock when looking at those "trendy" pants? When someone buys your house, they buy everything that's in it! They can't simply pass on one thing like you could in a store. So better not install that pricey living room aquarium!

Swimming Pool 

This may take the cake as the most "don't even think about it" upgrade you can make when exploring your choices of different ways to spruce up your home for the selling season. According to a survey done by HouseLogic, a home’s value would increase no more than 7% after installing an in-ground pool.  YIKES!

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What Makes a Basement Apartment Legal in Milton?
Thursday, 30 August 2018, 11:48:51 AM


Legal Basement Apartment_.jpg 


Buying and owning a freehold home in Milton can be expensive. And prices continue to climb, making it more and more expensive to get into the real estate market in Milton. That's the reason why many residents are choosing to rent, because coming up with the money to buy a home can be pretty tough.

But what if you not only owned your home, but became a landlord too? Instead of being a tenant yourself, why not open up your home to tenants? That way you can take advantage of passive income, allowing the rent you collect to help pay down your mortgage and contribute to your carrying costs! 

The most logical way to rent out part of your home would be to rent out the basement. But what if your home doesn't already have a finished basement apartment? Or what if it does, but it's not exactly up to code? What are the legalities surrounding basement apartments and how can you create one that's suitable to be rented out?


Creating a Basement Apartment in Your Home


The Town of Milton allows second suites in detached homes for owners to collect rent. But these suites are subject to many by-laws and rules that landlords must follow. 

By definition, a second suite a self-contained unit that must meet specific zoning, occupancy, fire, health and safety, and electrical standards before it's considered a legal apartment."

To make sure your basement apartment is legal, there are a number of things you will need to do. For starters, it's important that you apply for a building permit with the Town and make sure that all inspections are passed and in compliance with building codes. Then, you will be obligated to comply with all zoning by-laws. 

All safety codes will need to be met by an inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority. Things such as grounded electrical plugs, GFCI bathroom plugs, and main electrical service will be inspected to make sure they are all in good operating condition. Fire safety standards such as installed and working smoke alarms, appropriate fire separation between units, and adequate means of "egress" (escape) will also need to be met.

When building a basement apartment in your home, there are several requirements that need to be met, including the following:

  • The home must be Detached, currently Semi-Detached and Townhouses cannot have a legal Accessory Apartment
  • Must have separate, private entrance
  • The home must have 3 legal parking spaces, this can include a garage parking space
  • The Apartment can be no larger than 85 sq m or 915 sq ft in floor area
  • The home must have a walk out egress or window egress with a minimum 3.8 sf clear opening 
  • 45 min floor and wall fire separation (older buildings have different requirements)
  • Ceiling height 6' 11" (2.11 m), 6'5" under beams
  • Natural Light 10% in Living and Dining Rooms; 5% in Bedrooms and other rooms
  • Minimum room sizes and door widths/height apply
  • Must have laundry facilities, shared access or connections within the unit
  • All required Permits and Inspections must be completed

Keep in mind, Homes with an existing finished basement, that are over 5 years may have different requirements and may have some issues "grandfathered in".  This simply means that the Town will approve some features because they are to the code at the time they were installed. 

Considering all the rules that must be adhered to, it makes sense to obtain a building permit to help ensure that the construction of the suite meets all criteria to be deemed legal. If not, you could be in a precarious legal and financial situation.

It is essential to remember that these bylaws are not exhaustive and are set by each town and City, so rules in other areas may differ significantly


Buying a Home With a Basement Suite


There are many homes on the market that advertise basement suites and are targeted to those who are looking for extra income in the form of rent. But it's crucial to ensure that the basement apartment is legal before you agree to purchase the home. 

Many sellers of homes such as these may have wording in their listings along the lines of "Seller and Agent do not warrant retrofit of basement apartment." This means that they do not promise that any part of the basement apartment is legal. In fact, it's estimated that the MAJORITY of basement suites are not legal in the GTA. In this case, it's up to the buyer to determine whether or not to move forward with using the apartment as a rental unit. 

Failure to ensure that the suite is legal before renting it out can cost you. Your tenant, a neighbour, or anyone else can put in a request to have the Town inspect the unit to make sure it's up to par. If it isn't, you may be required to spend the money to upgrade the suite or even convert your home back to a single-family house. 

You may also find yourself struggling to get your property insured. Insurance providers need to know exactly what's happening in a home, including the presence or condition of a basement suite. 

Perhaps the worst case scenario is if there is an injury in the basement suite as a result of an electrical hazard or fire. If the reason for such an incident is because the unit did not meet building standards, you could be sued. 

Before you agree to buy a home with a basement suite, be sure to have it inspected to verify whether or not it is legal. If it is, great. If not, you need to weigh the pros and cons of having this basement apartment.

Whatever choice you make, be sure to work with a seasoned real estate team that understands all the ins and outs of the legalities and requirements for basement apartments.

Here is a LINK to the Town's guide to basement apartments.


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10 Hacks To Transform Your Kitchen Into Your Dream Kitchen
Friday, 17 August 2018, 09:24:28 AM

Ten Hacks to Transform your Kitchen into Your Dream Kitchen


When dreaming of your perfect kitchen, it can be hard to decide what changes need to
happen in order to make it the perfect space for you. The kitchen is the most visited
space in the house, so you want to make sure you are prepared before embarking on
this remodeling journey.

There are many changes you can make when the time comes so we created a list to
help you get started. Here are 10 changes to consider when bringing your dream
kitchen to fruition.

1. Layout

Consider the layout of your current kitchen. The three major work areas are the cooking
space, sink, and refrigerator. The way these are positioned will play a huge role in how
you feel about the room. For a user-friendly kitchen, each workspace should be
between four and nine feet apart, forming a triangle. Additionally, open floor plans span 49% of kitchen renos that flow into other interior rooms. 

2. Cabinets 

Choosing your material is important when it comes to your cabinets doors. After all, this
is where all your dishware and small appliances live daily, and you will be opening them
often. A little research on the difference between plywood and fiberboard goes a long
way. 2018 studies show white cabinets make up 43% of renovation projects.

3. The Faucets

There is more to your sink than washing dishes and running water. A beautiful faucet
can take you a step closer to your dream kitchen. Spouts, valves, finishes, and handles are amongst the top four assets. 

4. The Major Appliances

Granted major appliances can have a lifespan of approximately 10 years, the time may
come when you will find yourself changing them. Do you go for a top and bottom
refrigerator? Side-by-side? For the oven, gas or electric? Really think about exactly
what you imagine for your dream kitchen. Studies show an increase in high-tech kitchen
appliances. One in four new appliances include touchscreen controls or built-in speakers.

5. Store Efficiently 

An out of the box idea that will take your efficiency in the kitchen to a new level is
switching how you store your food, pots, and appliances. Pots and pans have long
handles that fit perfectly into tall cabinets and pantries. Store your food in the pullable deep drawers for easy access while cooking. 

6. Clutter

Reducing clutter in the kitchen can optimize your space and give your kitchen a new
appeal. Built-in cabinet storage and organizers are becoming increasingly popular. Wall
shelving can be used in smaller sized kitchens when storage is an issue. 

7. Knob Revamp 

Replace door knobs and drawer pulls with classic finishes such as brushed nickel or
stainless steel for a “brand new” look. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes
carry a variety of all sorts. If you’re looking for fun colors and designs check out Hobby Lobby. 

8. Paint

Create a focal point in the kitchen by painting the island siding a contrasting color. While
the clean, white look of kitchens continues in popularity, soft shades of gray are also on the rise.

9. Backsplash

If you haven’t replaced your backsplash in more than a decade, chances are it’s too
dated. The kitchen backsplash can compliment the background or make a bold
statement. If yours is outdated, it’s fairly simple to replace with a little DIY know-how.
From classic tile to mosaics or even wood, easy peel-and-stick options abound.

10. Light fixtures

Lighting is a key feature in creating an open and inviting space that buyers will love.
Swap out any dim or broken bulbs for new ones. If you have pendant lights or lamps,
make sure they’re still in style. If not, invest in modern lighting fixtures that will have
appeal in today’s housing market. Adding under cabinet lighting is another quick fix you
can make to improve your kitchen’s lighting. It’s relatively inexpensive and will brighten up your counter space.

Updating to sell instead? You may want to consider fixing up your home before you list.
We can help you make that decision and how it will affect your selling price. Don’t
forget the kitchen is the heart of any home. If you update your kitchen’s finishes and
stage the space properly, your home won’t be sitting on the market for long.

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What happens after your offer has been accepted?
Friday, 20 July 2018, 01:06:27 PM


After all that effort you've put into pounding the pavement in search of the perfect home, you've finally found the one! Even better, the offer that you submitted to the seller was accepted!

Is it time to celebrate? Not just yet, because unless your offer was free of conditions, it's only considered to be "conditionally" accepted at this point. But what exactly does this mean?


What is a "Conditionally Accepted" Offer?

The seller may have agreed to all the terms of the purchase agreement, including the purchase price, deposit amount, and closing date, to name a few. But if you've included conditions in your offer (which you should), these need to either be fulfilled or waived before the closing date arrives and the deal goes firm.

There are plenty of different conditions that you may have inserted into your purchase agreement, but the more common ones tend to be the following:

  •        Financing condition
  •        Home inspection condition
  •        Status Certificate condition

Until these conditions have been met, the offer will be considered 'conditional.'

Let's go into a little more detail about each of the above conditions so you know what to expect as far as what needs to happen to fulfill them and how much time you have to do so.

Financing Condition

Unless you're paying all-cash for the home you want to buy, you'll need to take out a mortgage. Ideally, you would have already been pre-approved for a mortgage before you even put in an offer on a home. However, a pre-approval does not equate approval for a home loan.

Only after an offer has been accepted by the seller can the actual mortgage approval process begin. Your mortgage lender will need lots of detailed information to get the process underway, including a copy of your purchase agreement to see what price they will be working with the get you approved to finance that amount.

You'll be required to submit lots of information, including an employment letter, copies of your tax returns, bank statements, income paystubs, statement of assets and liabilities, and so forth. Reviewing all of these documents in great detail takes some time, which is why a financing condition is typically including in a purchase agreement.

Usually, these conditions come with an expiry date of anywhere between 3 to 7 days after offer acceptance. In order for the deal to go from 'conditional' to 'firm', it needs to either be fulfilled or waived, either of which requires a signed document to be submitted before the time period ends. If this doesn't happen, the deal risks being nullified.


Home Inspection Condition

Some investors or home flippers might be OK with buying a home without a home inspection condition. All other buyers, however, would be well-advised to insert this condition in their offer. The last thing you want is to make the biggest purchase of your life, only to be left with nothing but a money pit on your hands.

A home inspection condition gives you a few days after offer acceptance to have the home scoped out in great detail by a professional. A few hours will be scheduled for the inspector to go through the home to find out if there are any issues with the property that need attention. Some issues may be minor in mature and might not be anything to worry about. Others, however, could spell trouble and could translate into thousands of dollars for repairs.

If you are not satisfied with the inspection, you have the right to walk away from the deal before it goes firm. Otherwise, you can always head back to the negotiation table to ask the seller to either lower the price in lieu of the expenses related to making necessary repairs or even ask for a cash credit to cover these costs. You may even ask the seller to have these repairs made before you take possession of the property.

A home inspection condition usually doesn't require any more than 3 to 7 days after offer acceptance to find an inspector, schedule an inspection, and go through the report.

Status Certificate

If you're buying a condo, you will want your lawyer to be able to review the association's Status Certificate to make sure its finances are healthy and there are no outstanding legal issues that could wind up costing you in the long run.

This certificate will need to be ordered from the condo association, which can take a few days to obtain. Once you get a copy, your lawyer will need some time to go over it to make sure everything seems fine with the association. Many buyers tend to as for about 7 to 10 days to allow for enough time to fulfill this condition.

This is a very important step to take because you don't want to buy into anything that will end up costing you a lot more money over the long run than you initially thought. This Status Certificate will provide you with an indication about how much you'll be paying in monthly condo fees, how much money is in the reserve fund to cover the cost of major repairs, whether the association is currently dealing with outstanding legal troubles, and how well the property itself is maintained.


After all the conditions have been met, you can sign off on them along with the seller, and the deal will move from 'conditional' to 'firm'! You've got a done deal!


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Your Go-To Guide For Summer Entertaining
Friday, 13 July 2018, 03:05:58 PM


Whether you're a new or veteran homeowner, it's a rite of passage to host friends and family for summer fun. However, one misstep can ruin the entire experience. 

Don't be caught unprepared. These summer entertainment tips will ensure your guests have a memorable time and talk about your party as a summer highlight!

✔️Invite Guests Now

Our calendars fill up quickly during the summer months. Don't wait to notify your guest list. 

Consider creating a Facebook event where you can post updates and centralize communication for all attendees. 

This articlewill teach you how to create a Facebook event.


✔️Activities for the Youngsters

Keeping the kids entertained is important if you want everyone to have the best time possible. 

Consider renting a bounce house if space permits. If you have a pool, pump up the floats. 

At a minimum, have games and balls ready to go! Learn about the hottest outdoor games of 2018.


✔️Solidify the Menu

Burgers and dogs are the easy items to remember. Don't forget sides like corn, pasta salad, and chips. 

An assortment of drinks will ensure that there is something for everyone.

Condiments, ice, and paperware are easily forgotten, so don't!

Not sure what to cook? These are the 60 best grilling recipes.


✔️Is it a Potluck?

Make sure guests confirm the items they plan to bring at least one week in advance. 

A second reminder 3 days before the event might be needed for those forgetful friends.


✔️Scrub the Bathroom

Your guests will probably spend most of the time outdoors, but nature calls. Stock up on bathroom towels and toilet paper!


✔️Outside Necessities

Put out the furniture and make sure the grill has plenty of gas for the whole day. 

Do you have enough chairs for everyone? Is there a table for prepared food? 

You didn't forget to mow the lawn, did you? 

Here are 16 outdoor bar ideas for the professional entertainers.



This is something that is easily overlooked. 

If you're expecting a large group, make sure there is ample space for cars or encourage guests to use their favourite carpooling app.


✔️Day Of

Do you have a killer playlist keyed up yet? Are the beers on ice and steaks marinating? 

It's showtime, good luck and have fun!

A Few Expert Ideas for Yard Envy

Click the images below for our recommended products!


String Lights

If the party stretches into the night, you'll need proper lighting. String lights can be an inexpensive, yet wonderful touch.

 All-In-One Cooler

Be the hero by having a cooler that charges phones and plays tunes while chilling beverages.

Portable Projector

This is a surefire way to captivate the kids in the evening if the adults are still enjoying themselves.



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7 Ideas for Indoor Fun in Milton this Summer
Friday, 06 July 2018, 02:36:05 PM

Summer is all about being outside - but what about those days it's raining or just TOO Hot? 

We've put together a list of our favourite indoor activities to break up those days -for those days when it's time to venture out !


1. Crock a Doodle

Designed for All ages

Enjoy the fun of pottery painting in one of our bright and cheerful studios. A special place to gather with family and friends to create, laugh, share and grow. Our drop-in format welcomes people of every age and ability to paint and play…with no reservations required! Come in and enjoy some creative together-time transforming ready-to-paint pottery pieces into your own amazing works of art. 

2. Cirque du Play

Ages: 8 and under

Cirque du play indoor playground is Milton’s premier kids indoor play and party place. A fun filled entertainment centre with a variety of play attractions that cater to children ages 8 and under. Our indoor playground is an exceptionally safe and clean environment, fully equipped with sophisticated and amazingly fun play equipment. Some of which are : The mountain climber tread wall, our uniquely designed play structures, spider climber, kids carousel, wave slides, assorted games, a ball fountain, and so much more!!!

3. Aspire Climbing

We welcome all ages at Aspire! Kids 3 and under are free of charge when accompanied by a customer

We are passionate about climbing. We are a team of talented individuals, inspired to bring indoor rock climbing, ninja warrior, fitness and fun to Milton and surrounding communities. We believe in creating enduring customer experiences through our warm and friendly service, high-quality climbing, and exceptional programs.

4. Champs Family Entertainment

Bowling Lanes & Playdium Lite

At Champs we have incorporated a one of a kind Playdium Lite gaming area equipped with all of the latest new gaming attractions to some of the favourite old classics. 

5. Epic Lazer Tag

Ages: 6 years +

The key attraction at Epic Lazer Tag is our laser tag arena. Spanning more than 4,000 square feet, players will experience heart-pounding excitement as they compete against other players where the goal is to score as many points as possible while avoid being hit.

6. Skedaddle Kids

Ages:  0-12 years 

We brought our playground inside so your child can be active in a safe and clean environment. Our indoor playground is designed to allow kids to exercise and have fun even on a rainy day.

Parents can relax in a lounge chair, chat with a friend, read a magazine or browse the internet―all while your child keeps active climbing, sliding and interacting with other kids.

7. Milton Leisure Centre & Sports Centre

Leisure Centre Pool Closed until June 30th - reopening July 2nd

Play and Lap Pools, fitness centre and Kids playrooms -  check out what the Town of Milton has to offer!


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What to expect during showings
Thursday, 05 July 2018, 01:54:30 PM


After you've made the decision to buy a home and have already met with your agent and solidified a working relationship, your next step is to actually start pounding the pavement in search of the perfect home.

Your agent will already have made a list of homes that meet all of your criteria, including price, location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and so forth. Once you've narrowed your focus, it's time to start visiting homes!

But what can you expect during showings?


Wear shoes that you can easily take on and off.

You're probably going to look at a few homes each time you step out for showings. As such, it would be much easier for you to wear shoes that can easily be taken off and on. Shoes that have a lot of laces or are particularly hard to pull off can turn out to be a real nuisance when you're taking them on and off a few times within a two-hour span.

Put a limit on the number of homes you visit in one day.

Seeing too many homes in one shot can be overwhelming. Not only is it tiring to visit too many properties, but you'll start to get confused about which homes you saw and the features of each. You may even forget that you've visited a particular home at all. If you want to minimize any negative effects and stay focused, it's suggested that you visit no more than 5 properties on any given day.


Be prepared to fall in love with the first house.

It's usually recommended to visit a few homes before choosing to put in an offer on one, but that doesn't mean you won't absolutely love the first home you see. Sometimes buyers may visit other homes afterwards, only to come back to the first one they ever visited. In fact, about 60% of my clients find a house that they love on their first visit, so it's absolutely normal to put in an offer after the first showing. Be ready to pounce when the right house comes along.


Go to each visit with a checklist of must-haves.

It's critical that you make a list of all the features you need or want. After all, this is how your agent will try to narrow down the list of homes that you inevitably visit.

That said, you should always go to each showing armed with this checklist so that you don't forget about certain necessities that you are looking for in a home. Considering all the homes you'll likely be visiting, it can be challenging to remember all these items. Having your checklist handy will be of great help.

Final thoughts . . .

If you do find a property that you like, arrange for another showing at a different time of day and check out the local community a little more. If possible, bring someone else along (aside from your realtor) who might be able to give you their opinion and some support. This is a big purchase and a big decision, so make sure you've got the right team behind you to help you make the right one!


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Inside the Mind of the Millennial Homebuyer
Thursday, 28 June 2018, 09:33:54 AM


Numbers Don't Lie !

80%  of Millennials recently surveyed expressed a desire in becoming future homeowners! 66% percent of whom are expected to do so in the next 5 years. With such a huge influx of new homebuyers entering the market, what changes (big or small) can current homeowners do to attract the eye of these consumers who are most likely to buy THEIR house! Check out our top 5 list 🎉!


#1) Modest Updates 🛠

Think Move-In ready! This after all is the on-demand generation. A dollar spent on updating a bathroom is money well spent or fresh paint goes a long way!


#2) Going Green 🌲

The falling prices of solar panels combined with the ever improving product quality make this a highly enticing feature to have for an environmentally conscious younger demographic!


#3) Outdoor Lifestyle 🍺

77%  of Millennials say that they want their outdoor space to have the "relaxing retreat" vibe!
Adding a simple outdoor patio with some exterior lighting would go along way to painting the picture here!


#4) Think Practical Space 🤔

The idea of having a beautifully designed room that is used for a grand total of 5 times a year (We are looking at you: Dining Room)  Wouldn't it be a great use this space! Converting this space to an everyday lounge area is the go-to alternative here!

#5) Smarter Home 📲

Adding security features like a doorbell camera, backyard floodlights built-in camera and smart thermostat are not as costly as they may seem! (Check out our Smart Home Guide)

In fact, Millennials polled say they'd pay 20% more a month in order to secure a home with smart technology!


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10 Curb Appeal Makeovers that Increase Your Home’s Value
Thursday, 21 June 2018, 12:00:14 PM

10 Curb Appeal Makeovers that Increase Your Home Value


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and that counts for your home, too! Buyers might be less likely to check out the rest of a house if the outside is
unappealing—even if the interior is stunning.

If you’re looking to sell your house, a few inexpensive changes to your home’s exterior could
help make the process smoother. From being able to sell faster to add greater value to the
asking price.

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

Depending on what your budget is, painting can give you a lot of bang for your buck. When
painting don’t forget picket fences around your yard, trimming around the eaves of the roof, and
replacing old gutters and downspouts may catapult the appeal of the exterior of your home.

2. Updating your landscaping

Before you spend a dime on your house, look at your yard, landscaping, sidewalk, and front
entryway. In all of these areas, a few hours of yard work, tidying up your property can go a long
way. Tall trees and shrubs can make a small house look smaller. Look for lush ground cover
plants and add a few pops of colour to build more dimension to your walkway.

3. Adding exterior architectural details 

Turn a standard structure into a period piece by adding attractive trim and stone to your walkway. Or spice up your front entry door hardware by using new metal finishes and different decorative styled lighting fixtures. 

4. Turn on the charm

The strongest appeal to any home is adding bits of charm that welcomes your visitors. You can do this by adding details that make your homes unique such as a sitting bench or rocking chair and subttle walkway lighting. If you have a large front porch, add furniture and an outdoor area rug. Wall décor can also bring the indoors out.

5. Emphasize the front door

A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel more inviting. The front door should be your home’s exterior focal point — ramp up the appeal by painting it a rich hue, updating door hardware or adding a new knocker.

6. Update your walkway

This can be as easy as pressure washing your concrete walkway and adding in coloured mulch to your landscaping. The contrast between a lighted walkway and darker mulch creates an illusion of length.

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